Beetroot goat cheese pure soup 5.00 Eur
Gazpacho with strawberry basil salsa 4.50 Eur


Main courses

Blue mussels with white wine- tomato sauce       9.50Eur
Pan fried salmon fillet, parsnip-potatoe pure, grilled asparagusandasparagus sauce 11.50Eur
More pasta with two of Your choice of additive (+ extra additive 0.50 Eur)(Additives: Chicken fillet, beef fillet, fresh or smoked salmon, tiger prawns, goat cheese, blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, wild mushrooms, etc – ask more from waitress) 7.50Eur



Organic wholegrain 3-cereal porridge 2.50 Eur
Organic wholewheat oat porridge 2.50 Eur
Organic wholewheat spelt porridge 2.50 Eur
Organic rye porridge 2.50 Eur
Semolina porridge 2.20 Eur
Buckwheat porridge 2.20 Eur
Scrambled eggs 3.50 Eur
More free-range eggs omelette with additive of Your choice 2.90 Eur
Club sandwich (chicken-bacon or smoked salmon) 4.90 Eur
Tartine (hot french sandwich) croque monsieur – More bread, ham, Gruyere cheese, bechamel, Dijon mustard 6.50 Eur
Tartine (hot french sandwich) croque madam – More bread, ham, Gruyere cheese, bechamel, Dijon mustard, fried free – range egg 7.20 Eur
Tartine (hot french sandwich) with More bread, beetroot pesto, goat cheese, honey and pine nuts 7.50 Eur
Toast with smoked salmon and free – range eggs 4.50 Eur
Croissant with scrambled free – range egg, bacon, Gruyere cheese, tomato 5.50 Eur
Caesar salad wrap with grilled chicken 6.50 Eur
Salmon carpaccio with lemon, rucola and Parmesan cheese 6.50 Eur
More Cafe muesli with Esko farm natural yoghurt 2.80 Eur
Bircher muesli with farm yoghurt, grated green apples, honey, hazelnut and berries 3.50 Eur
Pancakes with cheese and bacon 3.90 Eur
Crepes with jam or Nutella 2.50 Eur
Small pancakes with jam 1.90 Eur



Caesar salad classic 5.50 Eur
Caesar salad with chicken 8.50 Eur
Caesar salad with tiger prawns 9.50 Eur
Caesar salad with salmon 9.50 Eur
Caprese salad with mozzarella and basil pesto 7.50 Eur
Crayfish tail salad with cherry tomatoes and sweet red onion 7.50 Eur
Warm Nicoise salad with grilled tuna fillet, potatoes and green beans 10.50 Eur
Warm duck fillet salad 9.50 Eur
Beetroot and grilled goat cheese salad 8.50 Eur
Warm smoked salmon salad with potatoes 9.50 Eur
Warm beef tenderloin salad 9.50 Eur


Children Menu

Crepes with cheese and ham 2.90 Eur
Pasta with chicken fillet 3.00 Eur
Pancakes with jam or honey or ice cream or Nutella 2.20 Eur


Coffe and tea

Espresso 2.10 Eur
Espresso doppio 2.50 Eur
Espresso macchiato 2.40 Eur
Cappuccino 2.40 Eur
Caffe latte 2.90 Eur
Caffe latte doppio 3.50 Eur
Caffe americano 2.10 Eur
Cocoa 2.50 Eur
Hot chocolate 2.50 Eur
Chai latte 2.50 Eur
Ice latte 2.90 Eur
Ice tea 2.50 Eur
Frappuccino 2.90 Eur
Affogato  2.40 Eur
Tea with pot – black tea / green tea / red tea  2.50 Eur
Fresh mint tea 2.50 Eur



Apple juice / Blum juice / Multinectar juice / Tomato juice / Grape juice / Cranberry juice / Pineapple juice 1.30 Eur
Freshly squeezed juices – orange / grapefruit / carrot 4.00 Eur
Buckthorn juice 3.50 Eur


Soft drinks

Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Light / Sprite / Fanta 0,5 l 1.60 Eur
San Pellegrino mineral water – 0,25 l 3.50 Eur
Aqua Panna still water – 0,25 l 2.50 Eur
Bottle Green 2.50 Eur
Root beer 1.60 Eur



Ice cream cocktail 2.55 Eur
Smoothie of Queens 3.25 Eur
St. Barts smoothie 3.25 Eur
Virgin mango mojito smoothie 3.25 Eur
Raspberry – yoghurt smoothie 3.25 Eur
Buckthorn – mango smoothie 3.25 Eur


Beer and cider

Saku Kuld beer 0,5 l 3.50 Eur
Paulaner beer 0,5 l 3.80 Eur
Saku Originaal beer (nonalcoholic) 0,33 l 3.00 Eur
Westons cider 0,33 l 3.50 Eur
Westons cider 0,5 l 4.50 Eur
Bellini 0,2 l 4.60 Eur
Prosecco 0,2 l 5.20 Eur



White wine

Vigneti Radica, Terre di Chieti, Pinot Grigio 2011 (12 cl) 4.20 Eur
Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Weissburgunder 2010 (12 cl) 5.20 Eur

Red wine

Le Petit Perriere, Pinot Noir 2009 (12 cl) 4.20 Eur

 Rose wine

Vigneti Radica, Cerasuolo d.Abruzzo 2011 (12 cl) 4.20 Eur